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Written By Laura Yates
Date : 26/05/2008
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Tautou to Play the Role of Chanel

The rumours have finally been confirmed that Audrey Tautou has been selected to play Chanel in a new biopic of the French designer. Tautou will play Chanel in a new movie  called Coco avant Chanel which means "Coco before Chanel". The film will portray the iconic designer’s years prior to before she became renowned for her classic sense of style and perfumery creations.

We only really know about the life of Chanel after her success so the film is set to provide a great insight into her somewhat poorer earlier years whereby she learned to sew during her time in a Catholic orphanage following the death of her parents. Apparently Chanel received the nickname Coco after performing as a cabaret dancer which is certainly a fact that is perhaps not widely acknowledged.

Tautou has been selected for the role due to her natural beauty and elegance and is currently the most famous French actress in Hollywood.